Silhouette Elite Collection

Innovative-Essential Design - 1/4” Semi Frameless Doors with 3/8” Sidelite Panels

Silhouette Elite Collection features 1/4″ Door with 3/8″ Sidelites and no Headers or Posts.

Takes an innovative approach to updating traditional shower doors. Silhouette Elite minimizes sight lines by eliminating aluminum headers and center posts, yet still achieves unmatched water protection.

The door is beautifully polished 1/4″ glass with easy maintenance, durable Clear-poly sweeps and latch jambs. Stationary sidelite panels are elegant 3/8″ thick glass with flat polished edgework. Maximum water protection is the result of a full length curb.

Available in door only, door with 180° panel and door and panel with 90° return configurations. Choose from four standard or multiple custom handle options.

Silhouette Collection Options

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