Transcend Hardware

2" Exposed Roller System Components

Transcend Hardware has a variety of components options for you to choose from. Each item is solid and strong and built to last a lifetime.

2″ Roller* HA.3001
Anti-Jump*:  HA.3002
Stopper*: HA.3003
Wall Collar/Puck*: HA.3004
Single Guide*: HA.3005
Panel Connector*: HA.3007
90° Adaptor: HA.3009
Double Adaptor: HA.3011
Double Guide: HA.3012
Bar – 61”*: HA.3021
Bar – 54”: HA.3025
Bar – 47”: HA.3027
Bar – 84”: HA.3028
Bar (Slider) – 60”: HA.3030
* Shown in picture

Transcend Finishes

metal options
Transcend is only available in:

Chrome (polished stainless steel)
Brushed Nickel (brushed stainless steel)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (powder coat)

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