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Here at Agalite, we know that the timeless beauty of glass speaks for itself.  That’s why we keep our designs elegantly unobtrusive.  Our products are available in a wide range of configurations, metal finishes, glass types and glass thicknesses to best work with your style.  And because we understand that you don’t want to worry about maintaining the look of your shower or bath enclosure, we offer a number of glass protection options.  With our lifetime warranty on all glazed units and our commitment to the highest-possible quality, your enclosure will last a lifetime.

The Collections

An expression of elegance, style and quality: 1/2” and 3/8” Frameless Swing Doors and 3/8” Sliders

Tubular Header Frameless Barn Door Enclosures with Exposed Rollers & Headers

Rectangular Header Frameless Bypassing Barn Door

Elite Innovative Styling: 1/4” Semi-Frameless Door with 3/8” Sidelite Panels

ASD 290

Affordable Indulgence: 1/4” Semi Frameless Swing Doors and Sliders

Essential Elegance: 1/4” Semi-Frameless Door with 3/16” Sidelite Panels

Style and Durability without the Frame: 3/16” Semi Frameless Swing Door and Frameless Sliders

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Rectangular Header Napa Bypassing Barn Door with 1/2" Return Panel

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