Shower Door Solutions for Hospitality Projects


When it comes to shower door solutions for hospitality projects, Agalite has you covered! 

Agalite’s team will work with you to understand your need and provide you with the best possible solution – considering key factors such as durability, functionality, ease of maintenance, and design. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Frameless glass shower doors: Frameless glass shower doors provide a sleek and modern look that can elevate the design of any hospitality project. They are also easy to maintain as there are no crevices or frames to clean.
  2. Sliding shower doors: Sliding shower doors are a great option for small spaces as they don’t require any clearance for the door to swing open. They can also be designed to fit any space or configuration.
  3. Pivot shower doors: Pivot shower doors provide a wider opening and can be installed to swing in or out depending on the design of the bathroom. They also provide a more traditional look and can be customized with various finishes.
  4. Frosted or patterned glass: If privacy is a concern, frosted or patterned glass can provide a solution while still maintaining a modern look. These types of glass can also add a unique design element to the bathroom.

Ultimately, the choice of shower door solution will depend on the specific needs and design aesthetic of the hospitality project. Working with Agalite, we can help ensure that the chosen solution meets all of the necessary criteria.

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