Glass Protection Options

Simple glass cleaning solutions

Agalite offers two options for your glass protection needs:

The first is the Diamon-Fusion® protective coating on both sides of the glass.  This glass coating has a lifetime warranty on residential surfaces.  See below for full details or to register your DFI warranty. Watch this quick video for more information on Diamon-Fusion Protective Glass Coating.

The second is the ShowerGuard glass type, from Guardian Glass.  This glass option has a lifetime warranty.  See below for full details or to register your ShowerGuard glass product.

Diamon Fusion

Treatment & Glass Options


Diamon-Fusion® is an ultra-thin, UV resistant, protective glass coating that transforms ordinary glass into a high-performing, water-repellent surface. The invisible barrier created in the Diamon-Fusion® process is also extremely smooth, which helps prevent environmental pollutants, hard water, and soap scum from damaging the glass. Diamon-Fusion® is backed by a lifetime consumer warranty.

DFI Warranty Registration

ShowerGuard Glass

Its surface is permanently sealed during manufacturing with a patented ion beam process. Unlike spray-on or wipe-on treatments that eventually degrade over time, the protection provided by ShowerGuard Glass is part of the glass itself, so it never needs to be re-applied. With just a minimal amount of cleaning, ShowerGuard glass will stay beautiful for years to come. ShowerGuard glass is backed by ShowerGuard Lifetime Consumer Limited Warranty.

ShowerGuard Glass Warranty Registration

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