Agalite was started in 1952.

Agalite began manufacturing shower doors and patio doors in the early 1950’s as Agalite Bronson. Since its founding, Agalite had grown and blossomed into a premier manufacturer of shower doors and bath enclosures.

In 1977, Agalite Bronson was purchased from the Sierracin Corporation by Norman Heutmaker, owner of F.L. Hartung Glass and moved the operations from Oakland, California to Hartung Glass’s Seattle, Washington facility. Agalite Bronson was then incorporated into Hartung’s own shower door company, Temperline, which was a manufacturing distributor for Work Right Products of California. The “Bronson”of Agalite Bronson was dropped due to the popularity of the Agalite brand and the company name was amended to: Temperline, Mfg of Agalite Shower Doors. Eventually, the increased demand for Agalite Shower doors resulted in Hartung discontinuing the Temperline distribution to focus entirely on the manufacturing of Agalite shower doors, and the company name was changed to simply “Agalite”.

In 1983, Norman Heutmaker sold Hartung Glass Industries to Nick Sciola, our current owner and President. In 1985, Hartung Glass Industries moved to its current location in Tukwila, Washington. In 1991, a new 88,000 sq/ft. building adjacent to Hartung’s building was built to house Agalite.

Today, Hartung Glass Industries operates manufacturing and distribution facilities that stretch from British Columbia to Indiana. Current locations include Burnaby and Langley, British Columbia; Seattle, Washington; Wilsonville, Oregon; Sacramento, Union City and Anaheim California; Pueblo, Colorado; South Bend, Indiana; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Arlington, Texas.

The partnership with Hartung Glass Industries has proven to be very beneficial, as Agalite is able to manufacture its shower doors in house, which eliminates the need to purchase glass from another fabricator. This unique ability to fabricate and temper our own glass results in very short delivery cycles and the opportunity to manufacture and control all of the materials in a shower enclosure, resulting in exceptional quality and design.