Designer Glass

Endless Designer Glass Options

Agalite offers different designer glass options. A variety of different types of artwork are available to best match your bathroom style. We can also do custom work. Please see your nearest Agalite Dealer for more details.

NOTE: Agalite Original Options are not available on Vision Collection.

Agalite Original Options

Rocky Mountain Top
Add rustic depth to your design
Arch Top
Available on multi-panel units too!
Soft Curve Slider
Two designs available (SCS2 and SCS3 shown). Available on some swing doors too!
Double Doors
A balanced, unique touch!
Custom Edge Designs
Personalize your design
In-Glass Transom - Over Unit
Minimize obstructions - Maximize ventilation
In-Glass Transoms - In door or panels
Your choices

Face Bevel Options

Double Lines and Trumpet - FB1
Parallel Box - FB2
Bamboo Shoot - FB3
Line and Trumpets - FB4
Para-L - FB5
Slanted Para-L - FB6
Arc Lights - FB7
Diamonds - FB8
Diamonds and Crosses - FB9
Curved Para-L - FB10
Waterfall - FB11
Hex - FB12
Boxed In - FB13
Diamond Jim - FB14
Tulips - FB20
Custom Face Bevel
Plate Grooves

Sandblasted Options

Palm Fronds
Sea Shells
Horizontal Stripes
Diagonal Stripes

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