Estate Swing Door Options

Swing Door Hinges, Handles and Pull Options

Estate Collection swing doors offer the most options in the industry. Every Estate Collection door we produce is custom made to fit your shower enclosure. Choose from below options to extend that customized personal touch even further.  All Estate shower doors use the highest quality solid brass and stainless steel hardware available in a variety of finishes

Hinge Options

Beveled Wall Mount Hinge

Features smooth rounded corners and beveled edges.

Square Wall Mount Hinge

Features squared edges and a slim stylish design

Square and Beveled Pivot Hinge

Features a rounded European or a square design.

180 Degree Hinge

Available in a beveled or squared design.

90 Degree Beveled Hinge

Available in a beveled or squared design

135 Degree Hinge

Available in a beveled or squared design.

Pull Options - Comes standard with you choice 8" pulls

6" C-Pull
6" or 8" D-Pull
6" or 8" Miter-Pull
6" or 8" Ladder-Pull

Knob Options

Traditional Knob
Ringed Knob
Contemporary Knob
Domed Knob

Combo Options

6” x 18” or 6” x 24”Combo D-Pull/Towel Bar
6” x 18” or 6" x 24" Mitered D-Pull/Towel Bar

Swing Door Header Options

Estate Rounded Header

Standard option for swing doors

Estate Flat-Sided Header

Upgrade option for swing doors

Swing Door Special Options

Rocky Mountain Top
Arch Tops
In Glass Steam Transom
Operable Transom

(over door)

Soft Curve Swing Door

Panel Clamps

Glazing Channel vs Clamp Image
Porta Glass Clamp

Wall to Glass

Porta Clamp 180°

Glass to Glass

Porta Clamp 90°

Glass to Glass

Porta Clamp 135°

Glass to Glass

Grazia Clamp (No Bevel)

Clamps also available
in wall, 180°, 90° & 135°

Panel Accessories

Robe Hook
90° Sleeve Over Glass Clamp
135° Sleeve Over Glass Clamp
18” or 24” Single Standard Towel Bar
18” or 24” Single Mitred Towel Bar