Hardware Clamps

Replace traditional glazing channels with decorative beveled or square glass clamps

  • 2″ x 2″ Porta (beveled edges) or Grazia (square edges) versions are available.
  • 2″ x 2″ clamps securely fastened glass to walls or another glass panel via notches or holes in the glass.
  • Sleeve over clamps do not require notches or hole.

Hardware Panel Clamps Options

Panel Clamps Options Sleeve Over Clamps

Hardware Clamp Options

Glazing Channel verses Clamp
Porta Glass Clamp

Wall to Glass

Porta Clamp 180°

Glass to Glass

Porta Clamp 90°

Glass to Glass

Porta Clamp 135°

Glass to Glass

Grazia Clamp (No Bevel)

Porta hardware pictured to the left is available in the square edged Grazia versions as well:
- Wall to Glass
-180° Glass to Glass
- 90° Glass to Glass
- 135° Glass to Glass

Sleeve Over Design Clamps

90 Sleeve Over Clamp
135 Sleeve Over Clamp

Agalite Hardware Sleeve Over Clamps require no holes or additional fabrication to the glass.

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