Napa Door Options

Slider Headers, Pulls & Towel Bars

Napa Collection sliding doors offer the most options in the industry. Every Napa Collection door we produce is custom made to fit your shower enclosure. Choose from below options to extend that customized personal touch even further.  All Napa shower doors use the highest quality solid brass and stainless steel hardware available in a variety of finishes

Roller and Header Options

Standard Roller and Ant-Jump Configuration

Comes as the standard package for your Napa double sliding unit. Intended to minimize even further the already minimal design that is coveted in this class of shower enclosures.

Napa Header Block and Roller for NBSE/NBTE

The Napa collection's easy-to-install header block system comes standard and is required on NBSE and NBTE model. Stoppers, mounted on the inside of the header block are an integral feature of all Napa, and remove the need for any unsightly "bumper" style stops on your barn door.

Napa Roller

This 55mm (over 2") roller is the strongest and most durable in the industry. It enables Napa to achieve impressive, shower door leading heights and widths.

Napa Anti-Jump

Simple, sturdy and safe design keeps the panel on the rails. Its clean lines adds to the beauty of the door.

3 and 4 Roller Options Also Available

Want to change it up a bit? Consider adding 1 or 2 rollers to the bottom of the header. Create the style and design that you want for your bathroom. Option "3" or "4" is available on single and double sliders.

Allure Option Pulls

Slider D-Pull Option

Available on NBSE/NBTE models. Actual bumpered knobs are used are shorter than shown in photo.

Standard Estate / Euro Towel Bar

Euro Towel Bar

Comes standard on NBSE/NBTE models. Cushioned knobs are easy to grab and provide positive guidance and control when operating the doors.

Soft Curve Slider

Are you looking for something unique and eye catching? Try Agalite’s Soft Curve Slider Option.

Soft Curve Slider Design: SCS-2
Soft Curve Slider Design: SCS-3

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