Napa Glass Types

Luxurious heavy glass options

A variety of different types of 3/8”  thick glass are offered in the Napa Collection. The heavy glass featured in the collection has the look and feel of luxury, beauty and quality. Bypass Slider is only available in 3/8″ glass thickness.

Clear Glass - 3/8" Thickness

Clear Glass
Clear Glass

3/8” and 1/2” Clear glass with highly polished edge.

ShowerGuard Glass
ShowerGuard Glass

ShowerGuard Glass makes cleaning easy and is permanently sealed for lasting beauty and care. The result is a smooth surface highly resilient to soap and hard water buildup that dulls and etches ordinary, uncoated glass.

Low-iron and Ultra Clear Glass
Low-iron and Ultra Clear Glass

PPG Starphire® Ultra Clear glass, for example, has very low iron content, allowing it to transmit 91% of light, and decreases the greening effect associated regular glass. Pilkington Optiwhite and Guardian UltraWhite may also be offered depending on manufacturing location.

Tinted - 3/8" Thickness

Gray Tint
Bronze Tint

Pattern Glass - 3/8" Thickness

Satin Etched

Berman Glass editions - 3/8" Thickness


Spanish for "this point on", esto is a random, multidimensional design with directional forms across a lightly brushed background.


French for "to be", être is an organic texture inspired by the markings in granite. The subtle texture was initially designed to represent nature in architecture.


Spanish for "here", aquí is an organic texture with freehand vertical markings, inspired by the delicate patterns of falling rain on a window.

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