Napa Hardware

2" Exposed Roller System Components

The Agalite Napa collection minimizes the hardware required without sacrificing quality or durability.  With the strong, rectangular header and the substantial 55 mm rollers, this unit allows for some of the largest barn doors in the industry.


Napa Parts and Accessories

Napa Roller


Napa Anti-Jump


Napa Header Block


Napa Center Guide


Napa Header Bar

HA.3230 (59.5")
HA.3231 (72.5")

Soft Sill

VN.4314 - Optional self adhesive threshold vinyl has flex top fin is soft on toes and elbows. Is also ADA friendly, wheel chairs can roll over this.

Edge Bulb Seal

VN.4305 - Creates a water seal and edge protection for the glass as it seal against the wall (mandatory protection)

Center Fin

VN.4306 - Optional fin helps seal the center gap between sliding panels. It does not touch the opposite panel

Silencer/Deflector Shoe Vinyl

VN.4308 - The shoe is for water protection, quite operation of the sliding panels and creates light friction which helps the doors stay put

90 Degree Adpator


Napa Hardware Finishes

Chrome (polished stainless steel)
Brushed Nickel (brushed stainless steel)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (powder coat)
Matte Black (powder coat)

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