Agalite Original Options - Despite the unique roller system, these options can be implement into your Transcend enclosure

Rocky Mountain Top
Add rustic depth to your design.
Arch Top
Available on multi-panel units too!
Soft Curve Slider
Two designs available (SCS2 and SCS3 shown). Available on some swing doors too!
Custom Edge Designs
Personalize your design.

Face Bevel Options

Double Line snd Trumpet - FB1
Parallel Lines - FB2
Bamboo Shoots - FB3
Lines and Trumpets - FB4
Para-L - FB5
Slanted Para-L - FB6
Arc Lights - FB7
Diamonds - FB8
Diamonds and Crosses - FB9
Curved Para-L - FB10
Waterfall - FB11
Hex - FB12
Boxed In - FB13
Diamond Jim - FB14
Tulips - FB20
Custom Face Bevel
Plate Grooves

Sandblasted Options

Palm Fronds
Sea Shells
Horizontal Stripes
Diagonal Stripes

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